Thursday, April 15, 2010

The C.I.A. Is Hiding SS Nazi War Criminals In America!

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The Bush Connection is an Amazing, Non-Fiction, Copyright© protected History Book that details the Bush Family's connection to SS Nazi war criminals & Adolph Hitler. The book reveals never before published Bush Family secrets' and photos.*See never before published photos of George H.W. Bush & Barbara Bush with SS Nazi's Otto Skorzeny, Martin Bormann,Dr. Josef Mengele, Reinhardt Gehlen and more.

Photos and information were provided by Hitler's SS Nazi bodyguard / CIA commando Otto Skorzeny.

Skorzeny was acquitted of war crimes at the Nuremburg Trials. He was not a wanted Nazi war criminal after WWII. Skorzeny co-founded the CIA with Wild Bill Donovan and "alleged" SS Nazi George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George HW Bush! Skorzeny led the U.S.'s illegal Operation Paperclip and the ODESSA which hid and protected SS Nazi war criminals. Skorzeny faked Hitler's death & his own death in 1975!

*Learn the identity and see the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler after his alleged suicide.

Hitler lived to be the oldest man in America until he died at the age of 114 years in 2/2004 in the Bethesda, MD Naval Hospital.

*Learn the identity and see never before published photos of the San Francisco Zodiac Killer, The Boston Strangler and the real 2001 Anthrax Mailer Killer. All three have never been caught.

All three are the same madman. SS Nazi war criminal terrorist CIA assassin, Doctor Josef Mengele! According to Skorzeny,the former President's father, George H.W. Bush the 41st President wasn't born in America. "Allegedly" George H.W. Bush is really an SS Nazi spy named George H. Scherff Jr. the son of Dr. Nikola Tesla's illegal immigrant German born accountant George H. Scherff Sr.! "Allegedly" George H.W. Bush & the C.I.A. murdered J.F.K. George H.W. Bush was the "badgeman" on the grassy knoll! Oswald didn't do it!

It's a proven historical fact that the former President's grandfather Prescott Bush was convicted for being a Nazi traitor during WWII ! Skorzeny "alleges" that Hitler used stolen advanced American made Tesla technology and stolen holocaust money as leverage to merge his entire SS Gestapo with the American OSS after WWII to form the CIA!

Can you name anything "good" the C.I.A. has ever done for America?

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